• Kikiboe Agency offers a range of brands which are essential basics for kids, but with a uniqueness factor.

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    Donsje Amsterdam


    About Donsje Amsterdam

    Amsterdam-based Donsje (Dutch for "fluffy") offers a wide range of adorable booties and accessories for infants, toddlers and kids.

    All of our products are handmade with an eye to detail and are durable enough to provide gorgeous hand-me-downs for younger siblings. Packaged in a beautiful gift bag with a dangling silver bell, our products make the perfect present.




    House of Jamie


    About House of Jamie

    House of Jamie is a young and promising ' Amsterdam label ' that stands for soft, clean and minimalistic baby essentials & apparel with a classic touch. The brand makes timeless designs of high quality for baby care, sleep, en route and clothes for children.



    Little Hedonist


    About Little Hedonist

    Everything Fit to make Life an Adventure! 100% dutch label and the products are based on the thought that baby- and toddlerstuff can be of great comfort but also something extra for your own interior and your little ones wardrobe. Every design is simple, and has freedom as central theme. Freedom in movement to enjoy the adventures of life.



    About Mio*Co

    Dutch Brand for the little ones by Sanne Mus. Comfort, down to earth and beautiful colors are the statement in her designs.

    See for yourself..

    Icecream Bandits


    About Icecream Bandits

    Tomorrow we eat broccoli, Today we eat Ice cream.

    A new handmade kids clothing brand based in the beautiful city of Amsterdam! Every piece of clothing that we sell is handmade by me with a lot of love and passion.They believe in keeping the fabrics comfortable and the designs simpel. This allows you to mix and match with whatever you already have.




    About KidstoKids

    Kids to Kids online offers a fashionable, functional, yet affordable baby- accessories label, with soft and clean essentials for babies and young mothers.

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