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Icecream Bandits and Little hedonist: new at Kikiboe

Proud to present our 2 new dutch brands:

Little Hedonist:

A brand for nice fine things like clothing, interior and accessoires for your baby or toddler. Everything Fit to make Life an Adventure! They are a 100% dutch label and our products are based on the thought that baby- and toddlerstuff can be of great comfort but also something extra for your own interior and your little ones wardrobe. Every design is simple, and has freedom as central theme. Freedom in movement to enjoy the adventures of life. Freedom in exploring the world. We make life just a little more fun and easy! Little Hedonist always uses organic materials like the most high qualities of organic (wool)cotton, but also tencel and bamboo. Soft and sustainable!

Icecream Bandits:

A new handmade kids clothing brand based in the beautiful city of Amsterdam! Every piece of clothing that they sell is handmade by me with a lot of love and passion.

They started sewing in 2015 and wanted to create a cool, but above all, basic line of clothing. Kids clothes do not always have to be childish and bright colored.

They believe in keeping the fabrics comfortable and the designs simpel. This allows you to mix and match with whatever you already have and pass it on to brothers, sisters or whoever you want ​​after your little bandit out grows it. This way the designs could last a lifetime.

In addition to encouraging a long life for our clothes, we also make sure that all our fabrics are produced in the most environmentally friendly way.

All our designs are basic, unisex and timeless. Cool, comfortable clothes, for generations to come.

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